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Tourist rental apartments

At a time when investing in almost all sources is associated with risk, many people turn to real estate as a safe form of capital investment. Most people are looking for apartments in large Polish cities, which can then be rented to tourists and students. For this reason, premises in the largest Polish cities enjoy the greatest interest. Many people look to Warsaw because it is the largest city in the country and attracts new residents. However, flats there are the most expensive and can cost even more than PLN 7,000 / square meter, so anyone who wants to buy an apartment in the capital must take into account a large financial expense. The situation is slightly better in other cities, which are also considered attractive for tourists. We are talking here about, for example, Gdańsk or Wrocław. The latter city is eagerly chosen for living by young people due to the proximity of numerous universities and colleges. Therefore, many students come to Wrocław not only from Poland, but also from abroad.

Flats for tourist rental

Owning an apartment in a good tourist location means that it can be rented not only to students and families, but also to tourists from abroad. Today there are many possibilities in this direction. One of the most frequently used is short-term rental. The prices of spending one day in an apartment located in the city center start at PLN 200, and the higher the standard of the apartment itself, the higher the amount that can be charged from tourists. Promotion of our apartment is also not a problem. Just add an advertisement on one of the portals providing apartments for rent, and we will be able to count on a lot of interest right away. When we add to this creative advertising in social media, the response to our advertisement will be even greater.

Not only Poland

Of course, not only apartments located in Poland are the target of investors who want to invest their capital in a safe haven. Those with the largest budget are eager to buy flats abroad. The most popular destination for such purchases are countries such as Croatia and Spain. Beautiful weather, which prevails there almost all year round, means that there will be no shortage of people willing to stay for even a week. Even if you do not plan to rent such an apartment, you can always go to it yourself. The prospect of spending a few weeks in your own apartment by the sea will certainly be tempting for many wealthy people.



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