Are you running a business? Regardless of which category you can put it into, you always have to make sure that the quality of the tools used guarantees reliability for employees, efficiency, safety and comfort of use. Sometimes it seems to us that some elements of equipment are less important than others, but only in practice it turns out that an investment in a new assortment is necessary for the proper operation of your company.

One of the components that must be invested in is, of course, refrigerated display cabinets. They are necessary not only for grocery stores, but also industrial or many service companies. Do you want to find out about it? In that case, we invite you to read the material that we have prepared for customers.

Type of refrigerated display

cabinet There are many categories that may be of interest to potential customers. Cooling showcases are available in vertical and horizontal versions, which are used depending on the type of interest. A great example of application are, among others, restaurants that have to limit the space for the assortment in order to use as much space as possible for tables for customers, which is why vertical cooling display cases are the best alternative for them. In the case of grocery stores in the dairy or meat section, horizontal refrigerated display cabinets, where customers are much more convenient to see the current product offer, will be much better.

Power, capacity and prices

The more power, the better? Not necessarily. You must first consider what performance and efficiency you need. If you invest in too large and too strong a site, do not use its potential, which will also negatively affect your savings, because the more unused space, the more energy is wasted on setting a satisfactory temperature. Therefore, do not make decisions rashly, because you will probably overpay for the assortment alone, and in addition, the costs of maintaining the company will increase disproportionately to the possible earnings, which in the further time may have very serious consequences.

We also warn you not to buy used equipment from unverified sources. If the distributor is not able to provide you with a minimum warranty of one year, there is a great risk that the purchase will not be satisfactory and problems may arise after the first weeks of use. Therefore, we recommend refrigerated display cases from reputable producers who are appreciated by the most demanding customers on the market.