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E-business as an opportunity for the development of the modern world

Polish Internet has more and more to offer its users and is more and more often present in the everyday life of Poles. Whenever new needs arise, there is always an e-service provider to meet them. We move more and more of our lives to the virtual world. According to a study by Cisco in 2010, 50 percent. Polish enterprises use the services of online stores, while in 2008 only 8 percent. of the respondents declared their interest in this form of shopping (the survey was conducted on a sample of 700 representatives of Polish enterprises). The range of e-services is also expanding, and users are willing to use them due to their convenience, time saving and lower costs.

The most innovative e-services

E-service is a service that is provided in an automated manner by information technology, is offered via the Internet, is personalized and individually tailored to the recipient, and provided remotely. The phenomenon of the Internet is that virtually anyone can start offering an e-service because it does not require large financial outlays. E-services include, among others: calls for free, e-administration, e-commerce, learning via the Internet, etc. E-services not only make life easier and allow you to meet an emergency without leaving your home, they are especially important for business, because offer great development opportunities. Thanks to them, new industries and new e-businesses appear, which use the virtual market in their activities.

We only deal with an innovative e-service when it is purchased by the market. For example, a service in the form of? Online business analysis? it will be an innovation only when the market buys it. In 2009, the Agency for Enterprise Development recognized the following as the most innovative e-services: the service of monitoring and comprehensive optimization of media consumption, an e-service based on an automatic public transport system and a new generation recruitment platform. In 2010, most of the projects that received EU funding included: social networks, websites searching for services and business partners, platforms supporting the activities of entrepreneurs and e-learning courses.

Strategies for creating added value through e-business

In any business there is no more important value than that offered to the client. Strategies for creating added value by Internet businesses are as follows:

  1. Efficiency strategy: it consists in the fact that thanks to a product or e-service, the customer works more effectively, for example, benefits from lower transaction costs, faster selection of a partner for cooperation, his business decisions are burdened with less risk, etc.
  2. Strategy of free values: it consists in the fact that some products or e-services are offered to the client free of charge, while the profit is derived from commission, advertising, related products, etc. This strategy also includes the “free + premium” strategy, the fact that some of the e-services are offered free of charge, and some for a fee.
  3. One-stop solution for customers: This strategy is to offer customers multiple products or services that are designed to comprehensively meet their needs.
  4. The strategy of unique values: it is based on a unique form of delivering products and e-services as part of innovation. Most often it is characterized by finding a market niche.

Markets are increasingly saturated with standardized products. Therefore, e-businesses that initiate the process of “mass customization” have a chance for success. ? Mass customization? is providing the masses of users with a personalized service that is tailored to the individual needs of the user. As a result, each user becomes a member of a specific market niche. An example of a startup that fits perfectly into a niche, which is online business consulting and has been appreciated by both companies and mass media, is the nationwide online business advisor Serwis is one of the most innovative e-businesses with a vision and a well-developed business strategy.


E-business is a modern form of meeting the rapidly changing needs of consumers. Internet entrepreneurs struggle to survive on the market by offering their clients innovative e-services with a high added value for the client. Appearing like? Mushrooms after rain? startups are a reaction to new consumer requirements, looking for new opportunities to operate and gain an advantage over the competition. The global online market is currently worth around $ 500 billion. E-business is the future due to the vastness of the network, i.e. the lack of territorial borders, universal access to the Internet, continuous access to information, the ability to reach individual customers and the low time of running a business. The downside of this form of activity, however, is the inability to accurately predict the scale of return on investment and the high financial risk, as exemplified by the failures of a large number of startups at the turn of recent years.



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